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hi @purna135 I hope this is the right place to respond async. We are using PyMC as a way to build digital twins of business processes, and use these DTs to help strategic decision making. However we have found a significant gap in terms of talent (and understanding of PPLs) to actually be able to execute against this at scale.

To solve this at source, we are building internal capabilities in the context of sports betting, as we view this as an area where the domain expertise barrier is relatively low, so we can focus on building technical capabilities with relative ease.

We have published a teaser blog post on what we are building and we would love to have an opportunity to present what we have done at PyMCon, when you feel the timing is correct.

Hope to get some feedback on our proposal at the minimum, so that we can work towards fixing gaps.



@Gireesh_Ramji sounds like a cool idea! Create a topic in the PyMCon Web Series category and I’ll respond there! It’ll help keep things organized

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Thanks @RavinKumar I have created one here