Restructure docs for easy access to tutorials

My 2 cents from my experience after going through many pages of documentations, notebooks, videos, and stack overflow threads. Please restructure the landing page.

I wish you would separate the how-to into a separate page called tutorials, similar to other projects have done:, Here are some of my thoughts on how it is structured now:

  • Quickstart -> short and nice, but no follow up links to read more.
  • API - this page is OK, in my opinion.
  • Examples -> This hides the “tutorials” or HOWTOs somewhere in the middle.
  • Learn - confusing title, as I was expecting to see tutorials. Could be renamed to “Resources” or similar

If needed I can open a issue.

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Thanks for your suggestions! We are in the process of restructuring our doc so please open an issue (or a PR😁)

Thanks to all the devs for this awesome package. I have opened an issue here:

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