Steering Council election results

The election was mediated by Arliss at NumFOCUS who shared the aggregated results after validating the voters in this spreadsheet. The voting form was open from November 23rd to 30th.

This topic summarizes and analyzes the results to select the steering council following the procedure outlined in our governance.

Candidates are evaluated independently, each candidate having 60% or more of yes votes and less or equal than 20% of no votes is chosen. If the number of chosen candidates matches the number or range set for the council/subcommittee being chosen and all extra constrains are met, all candidates are confirmed and the election process stops here.

No candidate got more than 60% of yes votes, therefore we move to the 2nd selection alternative.

In the event that not enough/too many candidates were confirmed or the membership constraints were not met, candidates are ranked by interpreting yes=+1, neutral=0 and no=-1.

  • If too many candidates were confirmed, the {max_range} number of candidates with higher rank are elected.
  • If not enough candidates were chosen, the {min_range} number of candidates with higher rank are elected.
  • If membership constraints were not met, candidates are selected progressively by rank if they meet the membership requirements. […]

The aggregated ranks are also available in the spreadsheet. The minimum number of members for the Steering Council is 4 and there are 5 candidates tied at a 14 aggregate rank. Those candidates are:

  • Chris Fonnesbeck (dev, docs)
  • Junpeng Lao (dev)
  • Oriol Abril-Pla (docs)
  • Ravin Kumar (dev, docs)
  • Thomas Wiecki (dev - PyMC Labs)

They contain at least one member of each of the dedicated teams within PyMC and no more than 2 people report to the same company or person.

Therefore, those 5 candidates will be the Steering Council chosen in this election.

As indicated, we now leave this topic open 24h in case there were any challenges to the election process. After that I will submit a PR to update the governance doc.