PyMCon 2020 planning is underway! Currently looking for conference chairs

Hi all,
PyMCon 2020 planning is underway!! This conference is will bring folks together across our community, so we can exchange knowledge, get to know each other, and share a good time!

We are currently looking for conference chairs. These are the folks that will define the conference and lead the folks who will make it happen. If you’re looking to get more involved and give back to open source this is a direct way how. The chair selection process will run till July 24th so be sure to submit your names.

Update on August 5th

We are now looking for a technology chair. All other chair positions have been filled.

Update on August 27th

We feel we have enough volunteers for now and will thus only invite new volunteers as needed. Moreover, to keep discussions focused, the Slack channel is now exclusive to conference organizers.
End updates

There are a series of documents that go into more depth here.

If you have more questions about the conference, want to get involved or want to stay informed, our magnificient website is here for you!

Take care & PyMCheers :wink:


I want to emphasize a couple points from the idea we have to encourage everyone who is interested and wants to get involved to read the planning document.

We believe that the PyMC project is more than just a codebase but also a community that is interested not only in statistical methods and code, but also in sharing knowledge and helping others, whether they be Bayesian veterans or new to the world of open source. And we think that the organizing committee should be the first place to show that, nor chairs nor volunteers need to be veterans nor PyMC experts.

I also encourage everyone to reach out to projects build around PyMC, communities or organizations regularly giving talks about it, and people using PyMC to make sure the message and the conference reaches as many people as possible, not only the subset of us who is more active in Discourse/GitHub.

We will reach out to projects using PyMC (though we’ll probably miss some as there are many), and in addition, I would personally like to ask the most active members here on Discourse to divulge this message as well as the whole conference. As a start, I’m tagging people from both the users page for the last week and the last year, please feel free to extend the list. cc @Adam_Stevenson @chartl @ckrapu @drbenvincent @jdehning @nkaimcaudle @Paul_Scotti @sammosummo @vr308 @yanlingzuo


I’m really looking forward to this. Thanks for the info!


Thank you very much for the info! Even though I’m new to using PyMC3, I am aware of a lot of applications that are extremely beneficial from Bayesian Analysis approach. Having an open source package like PyMC3 on Bayesian Analysis will greatly encourage people to use the approach. I’m looking forward to attending the conference.


I think @luca_giacomel, who works on pm-prophet, will be interested in this conference – and will be a great recruit if he wants to get involved :wink:

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