2019 GSoC Announcement

Dear prospective GSoC students:

Thank you for showing interest in contributing to PyMC and participating in GSoC 2019!
Here is a quick reminder and some announcements:

  • Please remember to register and submit your proposals on the GSoC website, summerofcode.withgoogle.com before the deadline, 9th April.
  • It is mandatory to submit at least one pull request to the following repository to qualify as a GSoC student:
    Please add one sentence to your application listing the most recent pull requests you submitted. There is no requirement on the size of the pull request.
  • We appreciate everybody’s interested and the willingness to contribute to Open Software, however, due to the volume of applications, we might not be able to give you timely feedback on all your question and applications. Please remember only a small number of projects will be selected and adjust your expectations.

We will keep you posted regarding further details.

Let us know if there are any other questions!
PyMC team