Choosing the docstring for first contribution

I’m Dhruv , a second year computer engineering student and am currently new to open source.
I am interested in machine learning and django rest backend framework. I have started exploring PyMC documentation and completed the environment setup. While trying to make my first contribution I found some of the parts of source code of certain docstrings highlighted…so can you please explain the significance of highlighting those parts (do we have to make changes in those areas only?) and also suggest which docstring to choose.
Looking forward to be a contributor to PyMC project.


Hi, what do you mean by highlighted?

Highlighted means parts in yellow

That’s just highlighting the source code that corresponds to a given function. It’s not a sign of a problem.

Yes, I discovered it yesterday.(Very sorry and Thank you for replying to such a silly doubt :grimacing: :sweat:). I have sent a pr which consists of updated docstring for pyMC.guess_scaling and its associated functions .Will you please look into it and tell me about the changes which need to be added.
Thank You

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No worries we all do silly mistakes. I am sure someone will pick your PR to review if I don’t get to it soon. Thanks for contributing!

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Hii, Can you please review this PR .Sorry for being late… I had my practicals and university (end sem) exams scheduled back to back so could not contribute. This was my first contribution to PyMC, Can you please guide me how can I contribute further
Thank You