Looking for direction on starting to contribute

I’d like to help. The Contribution page suggests that I write here for suggestions on where to start. I know how to program, have some experience in Python, and I’m very intrerested to understand the nuts and bolts of how things work within the code. Does anyone want to take me on and feed me small projects?


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There are several different recommendations. One is to check the list of issues that have been tagged as “beginner friendly”. Another is to join in on the sprints/hackathons/working sessions that we organize, some targeting very new contributors and some targeting those with more experience. Finally, we also hold regular office hours during which anyone is free to come and ask/discuss whatever they wish. All of these events are typically announced here, but the best place to keep on top of every thing is the PyMC Meetup group. If you join the Meetup group, you will be notified about everything that’s happening.

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Hi, I’m going to try to do Issue #5791 on inferring dims and coords from xarray in pm.Data. As I walk through the pull request step by step instructions, I’m asked to use git checkout -b my-feature. However, since I’m using github desktop (which I think is recommended on Windows), there is no checkout. Is the right thing to do simply to create a branch for the feature?

I have not used github desktop (or git on windows) I am not entirely sure. But git checkout -b my-feature creates a branch called my-feature and then immediately checks it out.

If you are planning on taking on an issue I would encourage you to say so in the issue itself. Doing so serves several functions. It alerts others that someone is working on it and it also allows other developers to provide some guidance about how to handle the issue, etc.

If contributing to open source projects is relatively new, I would encourage you to attend the upcoming working sessions organized by Data Umbrella (details here). There will be many contributors with varying levels of experience and PyMC team members around to answer questions, etc.