Regarding first contribution

Hello everyone!
I was looking forward to starting contributing to pymc, but I really don’t have a clue about where to get started with. Would really appreciate it if anyone can please guide me related to it.


Hello and welcome!

There are a variety of ways to contribute and we are always happy to see new contributors! To get started, it might help to know something about your background (what you can do) and your interests (what you want to do). I am happy to help you find something that would be a good fit. If you don’t feel comfortable elaborating those sorts of details here, feel free to PM me and I am happy to discuss there instead.

In addition, you and others wishing to contribute can check out the PyMC website, specifically the Contributing page and the Community page. But that information is necessarily less tailored/specific.


I also agree with @cluhmann, just wanted to add that I generally recommend starting with the contribution type outlined in the pymc-data-umbrella website.

  1. Environment setup — PyMC-Data Umbrella Sprint 0.1 documentation
  2. Your first contribution to PyMC — PyMC-Data Umbrella Sprint 0.1 documentation
  3. Creating a Pull Request — PyMC-Data Umbrella Sprint 0.1 documentation

as it is a good way to get familiar and comfortable with the contribution process in a somewhat controlled way, so you can first learn the contributing workflow and after that be able to focus on the code/doc/any changes you are more interested in making.


Hello @cluhmann
I am a prefinal year CSE student interested in the field of Machine Learning.
I was going through the repos and the website to start with some documentation issues to get started!

Thanks, @OriolAbril
Will check these too

I was going through the issues sections and came across this issue

I have commented on the issue with my idea regarding the same, it would be great if I could be assigned this issue.

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Hello @cluhmann & @OriolAbril
I came across this issue and wanted to work on this

If it’s still open, can I start working and make a pr?

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I think so. Ask on the issue if you have questions about it. Reshama or I should be able to answer!

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Dear @cluhmann and @OriolAbril

I am getting error in installing the requirement packeges “pytensor” specifically and trowing the error

"configparser.NoSectionError: No section: ‘versioneer’ "
and always stuck in “Getting requirements to build wheel … error”

I am using Macbook air M1, can you suggest why this error is comming.

Thank you

Are you following the installation instructions found here?

Thanks @cluhmann for the clarification
I have submitted the pr: Updated Conference Content by BhaswatiRoy · Pull Request #76 · pymc-devs/ · GitHub

Hello @cluhmann @OriolAbril
Is PyMC planning to participate in GSoD 2023?

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We are not planning to participate in GSoD 2023 (at least for now, note that for GSoD not even the organization application phase has started). I was planning to apply with ArviZ though if you are interested in technical writing it might be interesting. You should follow arviz-devs/season_of_docs - Gitter and GSoD at ArviZ documentation to see the updates (there isn’t yet any 2023 content, only the 2022 rejected proposal and the 2021 accepted material and extra material which might still be useful).

Both PyMC and ArviZ are planning to participate in GSoC 2023 and are in the process of applying. Here are the idea list we are working on:

Similarly, note that these ideas are what we are presenting to GSoC, we still need to be accepted so some things might still change a bit. Unlike with GSoD however where getting selected as organization is very difficult, it would be shocking for the GSoC application to be rejected, we have participated for many years with great results.

On a last note, if you are interested in GSoC too in addition to GSoD, you might find [73] Google Summer of Code (GSOC) Experience - YouTube interesting to watch.


Thanks, @OriolAbril
I will have a look at the links

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@BhaswatiRoy just letting you know that eventually we didn’t apply with ArviZ to season of docs.

Okay, thank you for letting me know!