Documentation for `join`?

pymc.math.concatenate — PyMC dev documentation says this function is an Alias for join but join doesn’t appear in the documentation for pymc nor for pytensor, at least that I could find. It is defined in the source, and concatenate is indeed defined in terms of join… Is the use of join discouraged ?

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I’d say yes personally. We try to keep the pytensor API aligned to numpy for readability purposes. join is usually associated with dataframes/databases imo, so calling pt.join in your code would be quite confusing to someone else reading it.

As a more general comment, the pytensor docs are in desperate need of some love, so if you come across unhelpful/unclear docstrings like these, don’t be shy about opening an issue/PR.


Thank you, I submitted an issue and if I find the bandwidth I will try to amend the doctstring :wink: