GSOC 2019 - ODE solvers

Hello everyone!

I am Ludovico, a third year applied mathematics student from Turin, Italy. I like programming in Julia and Python: I won an Hackaton with a Keras based project. More information about me here:
While browsing the accepted organizations, I found PyMC and I think that the project on ODE solvers will be a good fit for me given that I will have a course on Numerical methods starting next week. However I haven’t found any discussion about it and I would love to have more detailed information.
I would like to start working on it while solving some simple issues in the mean time!

Hey @ludoro
Thanks for the interest! It’s a bit early to pair students with projects for GsOC but to prep a good thing to do is go make some small contributions to PyMC. It’ll help you get the dev environment setup and get into the flow of things. Check out the issue tracker to see if there’s any you like!

Check out this doc for more pointers

Perfect, I will work on it! :slight_smile:

Here is the discussion about ODE solvers