Have you enjoyed PyMCon? Our PyMCon survey already accepts responses!

Thanks everyone for coming to the first ever PyMCon!

We have had many activities happen during this last week since we posted the talks. We hope everyone had an enriching experience.

As you will have seen on each of the talks and on Zulip if you joined for the live session, we have created a PyMCon attendee survey in order to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the conference planning, understand the demographics of attendees to better work on diversity and inclusion and gather any and all feedback.

The survey is though for both attendees to the live session and people who has watched the talks but has not taken part in the live session. As we have been saying from the start, PyMCon is an async first conference, and we are as interested in knowing how has been the experience of async attendees as we are interested in sync attendees.

We ask everyone to fill out the form, the survey should only take a couple minutes and it will enormously help us evaluate PyMCon 2020 and improve on if for the next PyMC conference.

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