Understanding Our Contributors - NumFOCUS survey - We Value your Input

Both PyMC and ArviZ re participating in a NumFOCUS project to assess and improve DEI in its sponsored and affiliated projects. The first step in this project is a survey for contributors to assess the diversity of contributors now and thus establish a baseline. Then we’ll take part in initiatives, share resources, best practices between projects, work on our docs, guides, CoCs, governance… and after ~1-2 years, we’ll have a second survey to check our efforts are working and make sure all projects are doing enough and not waiting for the problem to solve itself. We already know we need to work on DEI, this is one of many initiatives.

The survey is for any and all contributors, we want to hear from everyone who contributes to the project and the community, not only from those who contribute code. This therefore includes (but is not limited to!!)

  • people contributing mostly to documentation (like @CloudChaoszero @drbenvincent)
  • people who helped organize PyMCon (@PyMCon @nico)
  • people who regularly and consistently answer questions here on Discourse or StackOverflow (@chartl and @ckrapu made the all time top 10 answerers without being devs, @mfansler at SO)
  • give talks, blog or organize workshops about PyMC or ArviZ (@PyMCon2020Speaker among others)
  • GSoC participants and applicants
  • people regularly posting issues and testing proposed solutions (I just saw @zweli’s post as an example of issue+follow up+testing the solution before merging the PR)
  • and I’m sure I am still missing a lot of people, the tagging is also far from being exhaustive please don’t take not being tagged as a signal that you should not answer.

The survey should take 10-20 minutes and could be even faster if skipping all free text questions. It will be open until June 6th

Click here to participate in the survey

I apologize in advance if you have already received the survey but I have still tagged you here.


The survey has been extended for an extra week from the 31st to June 6th, I have updated the initial post accordingly