How to compile the documentation for the API?

Recently I added the class Data to PyMC3, which included a docstring explaining its usage. After this pull request got merge I though Travis CI (or maybe another tool) was going to automatically compile the API documentation. But it wasn’t the case.

What do I have to do to compile the documentation from the docstring in the source code so it does appear here?
I didn’t find anything about this in the documentation nor in the github repo. This would be something nice to have in the CONTRIBUTING file.

It used to be the case that docs are push at each merge, but the doc was ahead of our release which makes many user confused.
We change it to manually push the doc at each release now, so the new API will appear at the next release (hopefully soon™)

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Also, FYI the build doc file is here:


Thank you @junpenglao! :smile:

I think it would be nice to have online documentation similar to that of TensorFlow or Python, where you can select the API version you want to read. But I don’t know how easy to implement that is. :thinking:

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We tried and failed before… but I agree it would be great to have versioning