Pymc contribution

Hello, I am Ayush Pandey, a fourth year BS Data Science and engineering undergraduate at IISER Bhopal. I have a doubt can you please clear it?
I am highly interested in Bayesian statistics. I also did some projects on it. This year, I did a project on Bayesian estimation and prediction for binomial model with unknown parameters. In this project, at certain steps, I wanted to use PyMC library, but as generalized hyper geometric distribution is not present in PyMC, so I was not able to use it.
Actually, I want to contribute to the PyMC library. I came to know that GSOC publishes some PyMC related projects every year. I want to participate in it, it would be extremely grateful if you can guide me regarding it.

Hi Ayush,
The best way, find an issue ticket and make a fix. It’ll get you warmed up with the project and set you up to tackle some larger challenges. Check out the available issue tickets here

Ok, Thanks