[Webinar] Qonto's Path to MMM with PyMC



  • Carlos Trujillo Agostini, Data Science at PyMC Labs/Wise

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Ruari and Louis are Data Scientists at Qonto, a leading European business finance solution. They discuss their journey through the MMM landscape including: how MMM began at Qonto and their experience working with an external MMM vendor, their exploration of current open-source solutions, why they landed on PyMC, and the current challenges they face.

About the speaker:

  1. Ruari Walker

    Ruari made an unconventional journey into the field of Data Science, beginning his career in academia before working as a Data Scientist for Heetch, a ride-hailing app based in Paris. He joined Qonto, a leading European business finance solution, in 2022 and has since focused largely on Marketing and Growth topics such as incrementality testing and MMM.

    Connect with Ruari:
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ruariwalker/

  2. Louis Magowan

    Louis joined Qonto at their Paris office at the start of 2023 and has predominantly been working on Marketing and Growth topics such as incrementality testing and MMM. Previously, he worked for Jellyfish - a Digital Marketing consultancy, in their London office.

    Connect with Louis:
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/louismagowan/
    Medium: Louis Magowan – Medium
    GitHub: louismagowan (Louis Magowan) · GitHub

About the Host:

  1. Carlos Trujillo Agostini (Data Science at PyMC Labs/Wise)

    Carlos, a seasoned marketing scientist with international experience, has built a career pushing the boundaries of traditional marketing strategies. Now, at Wise, he’s leading the evolution of their Marketing Mix Modeling through the innovative use of structured causal models, demonstrating the transformative power of data-driven decision-making in the marketing realm

    Connect with Carlos:
    GitHub: cetagostini (Carlos Trujillo) · GitHub
    LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/cetagostini

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Please note that participants are expected to abide by PyMC’s Code of Conduct.

In case you missed the Zoom invitation, here is the link to join: Webinar Registration - Zoom

Did you miss our webinar on marketing mix models (MMM)? No worries, the recording is now up on YouTube!

In this webinar, Ruari and Louis from Qonto walk us through their journey of implementing MMM for the first time.
They cover:

:bulb: An overview of what MMMs are and why they are valuable, especially for measuring offline marketing channels

:bulb: The build vs buy decision - should you use a consultancy or bring MMM in-house?

:bulb: A review of popular open-source MMM tools like Facebook’s Robyn, Google’s Lightweight MMM, and PyMC-Marketing

:bulb: Tips for managing stakeholders and getting their prior beliefs incorporated

:bulb: Their use of helpful tools like DVC for data version control and MLflow for experiment tracking

The webinar has tons of insights, demos, and frank discussions around the challenges they faced. Don’t miss this candid look behind the scenes of operationalizing MMM!

Check out the recording here: