Force progress bar to show in jupyter notebook

When I sample and tell pymc3 to show the progress bar, it shows it in my command line running jupyter notebook but not in the notebook.

Nothing is shown in the notebook:

But it can be seen in the command line running the notebook:

This is annoying since I setup a notebook on my desktop but I am playing with it on my laptop but I don’t see the progress there since I don’t have access to the command line window.


This is quite weird, what is your system setup?

I am on windows 10. Using anaconda, latest release from pymc3 on conda, latest release of jupyter notebook. The progress bar shows when I am using bambi, but not when I simply use pm.sample(…).

There seems to be some trouble with the progressbar on windows when we combine it with multiprocessing. I guess that is the reason you don’t see this in bambi. They don’t use multiple chains unless you explicitly ask for them, but pymc will run multiple chains by default.
I’m not really sure how fix that progressbar problem, I don’t even have a windows machine for testing…

You are right the progress bar only shows in the command line when I specify njobs=4. If I don’t specify it, the progress bar is in the notebook. I don’t see any performance improvements from using njobs=4 so I will probably omit the parameter then.


I have the same problem in Windows using Spyder. In Spyder I only see a progress bar if I set chains==1,cores==1