Progressbar not showing

I am using PyMC3 with PyCharm. Ever after I upgraded from v3.8 to v3.11.1, the progressbar is not showing. It shows up when I select “Emulate terminal in output console” (as suggested here :intellij idea - stdout progress bars don't work in Pycharm - Stack Overflow), but in this way I can’t use the Python console after the run is over. Moreover, the solution suggested here: Show sampling progress bars by forcing console behaviour in fastprogress · Issue #4349 · pymc-devs/pymc3 · GitHub doesn’t work for me.

Any ideas how to make the progressbar show up?

From what I have read on this issue, it seems to be a limitation with the PyCharm default Python console, so there might not be much we can do on the PyMC3 side.

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Thanks for clarifying!